work & wine

Monday, August 3, 2009

The sheets sleep amazingly. I don't know where they have been all my life. :) We got the sheets I always recommend to bridal couples when registering, so I'm glad I actually have them and I know what I'm recommending.

Last Thursday started a 8 day work streak. EEK! I know I was just complaining about not having enough hours, but this is just going from not enough to too much. The hours are what I want, but you gotta give a girl a break....right?

Since the winery I went to with the girls last weekend was a bust, I really want to find a good one around here to take our visitors. I have this coming Sunday off, so Mike and I are going to try a winery in Monroe City. I'm really getting into the whole winery thing. It's pretty cheap entertainment for an afternoon and we get to kind of explore near by cities. Plus we get to try wine. I'm still getting a taste for wine, and I'm hoping it keeps developing. I'm really into the blushes right now - white zinfandel and such, but I wish I liked more of a variety.


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