walk through results

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The guy from the city just left. The walk through went fine, but they did have to go into every room. It was for structural reasons and see if the house was up to code with fire alarms, if the electrical outlets are giving off enough electricity, etc. The only bad thing is he looked in all the places you never clean-under the sinks and in our closets!! I understand why he had to, but still....I didn't clean there!!!

The landlord was there as well and I was hoping to talk to him about our wasp and spider problem, but he didn't stick around after the guy from the city left. I didn't really want to bring it up in front of the guy who was "grading" us. The landlord is going to get back with us with the things he needs so change for the city, so I think that is when will are going to bring up the problems.

Moral of the story....I can't wait to own a house!


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