Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am loving my new job. I could not image the difference in two banks being this great but it is. I actually like going in to work? Call me crazy, but that's not normal. :)

The one thing that has taken some time is my name. See, the teller supervisor's name is Kristi; spelled just like mine. I didn't think it really was going to be an issue since everyone calls her Kris, even her name plate is Kris.....but no, it was an issue. They didn't want 2 Kristi's especially since one's a supervisor and people would be calling specifically for her. So I'm officially Kristina at work.... :(

Don't get me wrong, it's my legal name and I like it. But I've NEVER been called that unless one of two things : 1-I was in trouble with my parents, and 2- it was the first day of school in every class and I told the teacher it was Kristi.

I told them at work it would take some getting used to because it's pretty much like calling me a name like Bob; it's just something I don't respond to. Shoot, I think my marriage vows were even Kristi, not Kristina.  But now after a couple months, I'm much better at the responding, but horrible at saying it. I answer the phone, "This is" and just throw the n-a on the end after thinking about it.

Something else that's happening is when my co-workers ask for "Kristi" I turn and look. I know I look like I'm eavesdropping, but it' just that they said MY name. I did go ahead and explain that one to everyone I work with because I didn't want to be labeled the nosy new girl. :)

So it's Kristina at work, Kristi everywhere else. It's kinda weird.

a recap :: windows

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My parents came to visit the first week in June and the plan was for the guys to install 4 windows. We did 4 windows to start for a couple of reasons: the cost, and that it was one whole side of the house. While going to some home shows, the window people told us if you can't do all your windows at once then at least do each side of your house together. Luckily, the side we wanted to start on had the least amount.....4.

Here is the side that we did - the bottom two are in the living room, the top two are in the new bedroom.
I just LOVE Abe in this picture. :)
old windows....
NEW much better!
overall after picture of the bedroom.

We have definitely noticed a difference with these babies. Our living room and bedroom are cooler! :) I bet as we replace ALL the windows, we will definitely see a difference in our heating and cooling bills. I love the sound of that.

So, if you're keeping track...4 down, 22 to go!

in the bedroom

Monday, July 18, 2011


We officially moved into our new and improved MASTER bedroom two weeks ago. The windows are in the built-ins are done and the doors are on.

I'm not going to put up photos of all our stuff in it, because it's not pretty yet. Our mattress is on the floor, our dresser is still the one I've had since 3rd grade, etc. However, I will be posting some pics of items in the room, just not an over all photo. Not until it's done and pretty-fide.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'll get better. Promise.