Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am loving my new job. I could not image the difference in two banks being this great but it is. I actually like going in to work? Call me crazy, but that's not normal. :)

The one thing that has taken some time is my name. See, the teller supervisor's name is Kristi; spelled just like mine. I didn't think it really was going to be an issue since everyone calls her Kris, even her name plate is Kris.....but no, it was an issue. They didn't want 2 Kristi's especially since one's a supervisor and people would be calling specifically for her. So I'm officially Kristina at work.... :(

Don't get me wrong, it's my legal name and I like it. But I've NEVER been called that unless one of two things : 1-I was in trouble with my parents, and 2- it was the first day of school in every class and I told the teacher it was Kristi.

I told them at work it would take some getting used to because it's pretty much like calling me a name like Bob; it's just something I don't respond to. Shoot, I think my marriage vows were even Kristi, not Kristina.  But now after a couple months, I'm much better at the responding, but horrible at saying it. I answer the phone, "This is" and just throw the n-a on the end after thinking about it.

Something else that's happening is when my co-workers ask for "Kristi" I turn and look. I know I look like I'm eavesdropping, but it' just that they said MY name. I did go ahead and explain that one to everyone I work with because I didn't want to be labeled the nosy new girl. :)

So it's Kristina at work, Kristi everywhere else. It's kinda weird.


Sarah said...

Funny. Too bad Kristi & Kris were both taken...would Kris have been better than Kristina? I used to work with a girl named her friends she was Tina. I have no idea why she wasn't Tina at work.

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