our wild land fire fighter

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mike's crew - Mike is in the 1st row, 2nd from the left.
Mike was called out for western wild land fire duty on the 1st. His tours normally go for about 21 days. This is his 5th year going out, but I really think this is the worst one on me. Last year, my mom came and stayed with me and Jack. I would not of survived it in a right mind if she hadn't came. Nursing/pumping for Jack took up so much more time than I ever thought it would. So since I was doing that, I would of been eating fast food and not cleaning my house...basically just surviving.

Well, fast forward to this year - Jack is eating what I eat and I have adjusted so much more to motherhood, that I felt like I could do this one on my own. And I think I've done pretty good. I think the reason why this is the hardest on me is that Mike is missing things with Jack - and I just don't have my whole family with me.

Communication is the worst when he goes out. Like I said, he's out for 21 days or so and I really only get to talk to him 3 times - right after he lands wherever the fire may be, halfway through, and then when he is about to board his flight home. UGH! I just hate that part. There is a federal website that is updated everyday on every fire that is currently going, so I at least have that to check and see how big his fire is getting, etc. Well, this year, his fire actually has a Facebook page - I love living in the age of technology! :) And someone is going around take photos of all the fire fighters and the fire. I'm so thankful for that! And just last week they posted a picture of Mike's crew. I was so full of emotion when I saw him; I'm glad I was at work so I had to keep it together. It was so nice to see him and see that he was doing ok.

This is a very proud wife right here and I can't wait until he's home.

It's very hard to comprehend that Mike is actually in this place.

a kitchen completed

Saturday, September 12, 2015

This past June, we started the BIGGEST diy project we have ever tried to tackle - the kitchen. And it's finally complete!

Before. Goodbye 1938
Can you believe that is the entire kitchen?!?!?! Well, the one thing that is not pictured is the refrigerator, and that was located at the other end of the room where the computer is now. So you'll have to visualize that in the after photos.

When we bought this house in the beginning of 2010, I told my husband that I loved all it's character and the house in general but the kitchen had to go... We were actually ready last summer financially, but we had just had Jack and figured we should focus on keeping him alive for a year and then go after this beast of a project.....so after 5 years of planning, savings and little projects that had to be done before this - we jumped in guns blazing. 

We Mike ripped out the original 1938 cabinets that had about twenty layers of paint on them. That was followed by, going down to the studs, new electric, new drywall, mudding and sanding, wood floor refinishing, trim sanding and painting, wall painting... I tell you, my guy is a rock star. I was able to help him with a few things, but with Jack it was sometimes easier if Mike just did the work and I played with Jack.

So fast forward 12 weeks and our kitchen is finally complete. The last stretch was a killer - we had to wait on a garbage disposal flange for our think apron sink to hook up the drains and in turn the dish washer!!!

Tangent - We have lived with out a dishwasher our entire 7 years of marriage...until now. I'm so happy!! I will no longer waste time that I could be enjoying my family on dirty dishes. It's sad to say but the things I was most excited for were the dishwasher and an ice machine in the refrigerator.

HELLO 2015 - so glad to see you!!

view from our living room.


refrigerator and pantry
view from the sink
see how far away our refrigerator was!!!

we don't like the look of microwaves, so we hid ours in the pantry!!

view from the dining room