still here

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm sorry I left you high and dry....It's funny, when I have the time to blog, nothing is going on; and then when something big and eventful is happening, I don't have time to blog. Oh well.

Here's a bit of a recap:

My job at the bank is going really well. Finally started opening checking and savings accounts. And I got my first loan yesterday! Now lets just hope it goes through. :) I'm really enjoying the environment and the people I work with. Mike is also fitting right in at his new location. There are a lot more employees his age and so he just has more in common with them.

The house is coming along slowly but surely. (I still don't have my computer set up, or there would be pictures). The dining room came out great. The second coat of paint the was darker than the first is perfect, exactly what I envisioned. We bought a new light fixture a couple weeks ago and it just finishes off the room. I still have the corner built ins to paint, but I gave myself a goal that they WILL be done by Memorial Day Weekend. They need to be done, I've dragged them out long enough!

As I said, my computer is not hooked up yet! I know, we moved in 2 whole months ago and still no office. All I have to say is thank god for my iphone! But the main reason the computer is not set up yet is that we are going to be redoing all the bedrooms up stairs and so everything is going to move atleast once to free up another room to redo. And I didn't really feel like setting things up just to repack them.

While I was MIA on here, we had a kitchen designer come to the house. I'm very excited! We knew buying this house the kitchen would be one of the biggest things we changed and we didn't really want to wait too long to do it. We want to fully enjoy it before we sell (we aren't planning to sell for awhile, just fyi). Well, we got the estimate back and it was a bit high for us and it was a bit too fancy for the house. So we are going to go back and have them simplify it a little and maybe the price will go down too. We really want to remodel this house right and so we really want the custom cabinets.

My birthday was last week, and my sister and brother-in-law came to visit. Jeff had never visited us before and Sarah hadn't seen the house before. We had a great time! We were planning on going to a few wineries in our area and then I found out about a beer and wine festival that was happening. Well, we decided to go to that and it was so nice. Great weather and tasting wine all day - perfect! Another great thing that happened was one of a winery representatives commented on my sisters purse, and we told her I made it. She's wanting locally made "stuff" to put in there gift shop and asked me if I was interested....heck yeah! I'm super excited about it! Nothing has really happened yet, just emailing back and forth. I'm probably jinxing myself, but I couldn't keep it in. :)