Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mike's mom and her boyfriend will be arriving tomorrow evening. It's always nice to have visitors. Another good thing is Mike will actually be here for their visit. There was a chance of Mike going out west for fire duty, but I don't think he'll get the call this week (I probably just jinxed it). I hope he does get that call soon; he's really excited about going.

We don't really have any set plans while they are here, which I really like. I'm glad we have things to do around town, but we can do them on our own time. It makes for a more relaxing weekend. We are definitely going to the fabric store, which will be dangerous. I went in a couple weeks ago, and they have their Christmas fabrics out and I love them! I may have to pick something up to make a table runner or something. The other thing I'm pretty sure we're doing is we want to take them to a new wine shop downtown. It's the only smoke-free place here and it's more like a wine bar. They don't serve food, just drinks. We've never been, so I hope it's good. :)

I had an interview yesterday. I normally don't like putting these things on the internet because I feel it jinxes me. But I didn't get any of the jobs I've kept quiet about, so I don't think it really matters. The interview went really well, and I really feel I would be a good match. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!


Anonymous said...

Just said a pryer for you!

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