weekend update

Monday, March 23, 2009

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Well, I've found out through the facebook world, Laura had her baby on Saturday. I'm very excited for her and her husband; it's their first! I wish them the best, and am eagerly awaiting an update and possibly a picture of the new little one.

On Saturday, we went to Hannibal Rocks. Everything started off well; we got to catch up with everyone we met on New Year's Day. We were having a good time, I really was enjoying myself. We were out about 2 1/2 hours when it happened.......Mike broke his drive shaft. :( He was being a good guy and pulling someone else out. This picture (to the right) is when it happened. We had never met this person before, he kind of just joined our group on the spot. It is a little frustrating to me because this guy didn't apologize for it and he didn't really seem like he felt bad. Oh well, Mike was a good sport about it; he wasn't really mad. We stayed to eat lunch with everyone and then left early.

Mike in action on the trails.

This is how the drive shaft broke. :)

The silver lining to all this is we got to spend a gorgeous day with each other. Mike cleaned up his truck and made sure nothing else was broken. We went to the grocery, and had our anniversary dinner a day late with steaks on the grill. YUM!


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