back in lafayette for a night

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

okay, not really....but it sure seemed like it!

Last night Mike and I had a night on the Quincy, IL. We had some errands to run that had to be done in Quincy, so we went. First, I took Mike to my work and introduced him to everyone that was there. I also got to show him some of the things I would like to get. :) I was good though, we didn't buy anything.

Next, we went to Best Buy to get Turbo Tax. I'm SO excite to do our taxes this year. I know that's probably not a normal reaction to taxes, but I want to know how much we will get back for filing together for the first time.

Next we went to the liquor store. There is a big liquor store there what is supposed to be the cheapest place around with the largest selection. They were right! We went really just to see what they had and their prices, but we did pick up a few things. Mike found the rare Sam Adams Chocolate Bock. We also found Oliver Wine!! I am still so surprised about this. Granted it's almost $10 a bottle here, so we probably won't buy it here anyways, but it's here.

We then went out to eat (gasp!) to BW3's. It was so good! This restaurant always brings me back to Lafayette, but to add to it, there was a Bob Rohrman commerical on!! He apparently has a car lot in western Illinois. It was so crazy to see him on TV, it was the last person I was expecting to see.

So last night, we went to places that are in Lafayette and are not in Hannibal, other than the liquor store, but we found something Indiana! I truly felt that we were back, until we had to take the 25 minute drive back to Missouri.


Cass in NYC said...

whenever I go back to lafayette I have to eat at little mexico 2.
I miss good mexixcan. tear*

Kristi said...

:) yeah, we always have to go to El Rodeo! I miss good mexican as well.

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