flood gates are closed

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We had some rain earlier this week, it really wasn't that much. But apparently it was enough to back up this little stream off the Mississippi. This stream is pretty close to our house, it is where the new bridge was being built (for those of you who have been here). The water did come up on some of the streets, but you're still able to go over the new bridge. They're pretty sure it's not going to flood anymore, so we really aren't concerned about the water.

But the city was concerned about the downtown area, so they closed the flood gates. Yes, this city has flood gates. I really thought I would never see these in action, and they would only be used when the flooding could actually come into the city. This flooding is not that bad and would never truly go into the downtown area. I feel like they over reacted. In closing the floodgates, they put everyone here on edge and have them thinking it's worse than it really is.


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