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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So I was able to pick up even more hours this week. Yay! I guess the scheduler didn't know about some bridal training the trainers were planning for. Lets just add this to the list of things I don't like about the behind the scenes. It's unorganized and no communication between the trainers and supervisors. Anyway,I was only there for a couple hours this mornings, but it worked in my favor. I got more hours and I got to start my day early. The bridal training was fun, I'm really excited to actually be able to be a full on bridal consultant.

I went shopping after work, I needed to get a couple new shirts. Then I went to the grocery, and made myself a salad. It was a southwest chicken salad. I'll try and put the recipe up on the cooking blog sometime this week. It was really good! I was trying to copy a salad I had at The Cheesecake Factory. I tend to branch out and buy things Mike doesn't like to eat but I do when he's gone. There aren't very many things he doesn't like, but all of them I really like; avocado, sweet potatoes, olives and asparagus to name a few. Now, as you can tell, most of these things don't go together, so I normally just but one of these items each time he's gone.

So I had a pretty productive morning and early afternoon.


Anonymous said...

It's good to get paid to have a good time.

Cass in NYC said...

wait. he doesn't like avocados?
huh? who is he?

Kristi said...

He's really weird with avocados. He likes the flavor, but not the texture. Since he's so picky about it, I don't make him anything with it. :)

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