Monday, March 9, 2009

I ended up getting Mike's cold. UGH! I totally thought I was in the clear, but no, it decided to visit me. Yesterday was the worst, so I'm hoping it's going to get better for here on out. I just want to get over this fast so I don't have to take any days off work. I rarely call in, but I really don't want to after only being there for 3 weeks.

I'm an official bridal consultant, I did my first registry on Saturday! I was kind of nervous, but it went pretty well. They just wanted to get on the floor and start scanning, so they didn't really want to hear my little speech. I wish they would of interacted with me more, I could only ask so many questions. My supervisor was "shadowing" the whole thing, and when we were talking about it after the couple left, she said I did everything I could and she was proud.

We had such a nice weather this weekend. It did end up raining a bit, but the windows were open again! In Indiana, we would be able to have the windows open once or twice and then the heat wave would kick in and we would have to turn the air conditioner on because it was so hot. I've already had the windows open here at least 10 days this year. It's a nice change. :)

Mike's aunt and uncle were in town this weekend, so we went out to their cabin for dinner on Saturday. We haven't seen both of them since before Christmas, it was nice to catch up. I will have to say, it was nice to come home from work, and not have to cook dinner. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook, but I cook literally every night. It was good break.


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