Monday, December 8, 2008

On the Sunday night before Thanksgiving, some tools were stolen out of Mike's truck tool box. We called our insurance company and our renters insurance did cover it. So we went to the police station to file the report so we could get reimbursed for it. We didn't really think we would here back from them. WRONG! Yesterday afternoon, Mike got a call from the police. They said they knew who took the tools, but they just haven't found them yet. He then got a second call (while on his way to fire training) from the police telling him they got the two brothers who had stolen the tools; the brothers told the police they took the tools to a pawn shop in town. The police were going to the pawn shop today to see if they're still there. I guess the two brothers had stolen a lot lately and so us reporting the tools actually helped the police get them.

It amazes me that they actually caught the people. You never here of little things that were stolen being found. I guess that is one good thing about living in a small town, everyone knows everything going on. So hopefully we get them back soon!


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