'tis the season for four wheel drive and kitchen aids

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yesterday Hannibal got about 2 to 3 inches of snow during the day. Of course it had to snow on the day I needed to go to the grocery. I am so thankful for having my 4 wheel drive Explorer this winter. Everyone knew I needed a new car, my Cavalier just wasn't cutting it anymore. This was the first snow to test out the 4 wheel drive (not to mention heated seats) and it is awesome, no slipping and sliding here!

I also did a bit of baking yesterday. I made Mike his pumpkin roll. One of our friends used to make it for him, but since we moved, I full filled his annual intake. :)

Mike needs to take something to work for his regional meeting on Monday, so I made a second on that is in the fridge. Hopefully it will make it to the meeting... I'm hoping to make some Christmas sugar cookies, since I got cookie cutters for a wedding gift.


Cass in NYC said...

I want a bite of that pumpkin roll!!!!!

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