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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Since Mike and I picked up our lives from Lafayette to Hannibal, I had to quit my job. This is the first time I've not had a job since I started working at 15. At first I was excited, finally getting out of retail and being able to unpack our new home properly. But now, a month and a half later, I'm ready for a job! I did have one interview right before Thanksgiving, but I didn't get it. And since then I haven't seen any job openings in the clerical field. UGH!

Well, tonight I found two jobs that I possibly could do. One is a Teacher's Aid at the school I already interviewed with, so I'm kind of nervous about that one. The second is a receptionist at a radio station in Quincy, Illinois. I've been trying not to look in Quincy, since it is out of state, but it's only a 20 minute drive. Hopefully one of these works, because come January, Mike is gone 3 weeks a month until April, and I can't deal with that staying home all by myself with nothing to do.


Cass in NYC said...

wow he's gone 3 weeks a month!!!
that's crazy!!
you should start a 20 something's book club!
good luck with the job hunt!

Kristi said...

He will be home on weekends, but it's just a lot of training. Dang Government jobs...

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