christmas surprise??

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Right before dinner last night, Mike was getting all the ordering done for my Christmas present. So when we were sitting there eating, I asked if he had actually ordered it. He said no, he has some figuring to do. I was really confused at that point. Then, he asks me if I like plain colors or a design. That's a really hard question to answer, because I had no idea what I was picking out. So he asks me, " well, what would you rather wear?" I finally said a design, still not knowing what he was talking about. During dinner, I just kept thinking about it and decided he was getting me a helmet for his Harley. So after dinner while we were cleaning up, he goes "you know what it is, don't you?" I said "no", because I really didn't, I just had a guess in my head. Well, we kinda went back and forth about it and then he wanted me to just tell him what I thought it was. I said "no", because I didn't want to ruin Christmas and I could be wrong. Then he just blurts out "You know I'm getting you a bowling ball". I just started to laugh. He was very confused at this point, but then I finally calmed myself down and told him my guess was a helmet. He was pretty upset with himself for ruining the surprise. I do feel bad that he could of just not said anything and I would of been surprised.

I don't think I'm still getting a bowling ball, so now I have no idea.


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