tonight and tomorrow

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mike and I have been invited to a party that one of his coworkers is having. We aren't really that into it, because it's a younger guy who is a fisheries intern and we don't know what kind of party it is. I don't know how many couples will be there or if it will be a "college" party. I want to go, be social and maybe make a friend. Mike said we probably won't stay very long if we do end up going, which tells me he's really just going because it's someone from work.

Tomorrow we're going to Quincy to finish up our Christmas shopping and have BW3s. :) We haven't had it since we moved. I think that's the restaurant Mike misses most. One of our first times being around each other was at the West Lafayette BW3s. We went there with all his friends and my old roommate, and Mike and I were playing the electronic game together. We were in our own little bubble it seemed. It was probably the first time we had a conversation, just the two of us. Since then, we always play the game together and it takes me back to that night.

Tomorrow is our 3 month anniversary! I know it's kind of silly to keep track, but it's still a new thing to me. We aren't doing anything special for it, just spending the day together, which is fine by me.


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