it's a three day weekend for some people

Friday, May 22, 2009

This weeks been a pretty boring one. Nothings really happened; I guess this is good and bad. I would rather nothing exciting happen, than have a bad week.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! And I was lucky enough to have it off of work. :) So I decided to walk down to the library. I spent about an hour there and couldn't find ANYTHING to check out. I hope the next place I live will have a library like in Lafayette. I was looking for a grilling book, and they had some, but they were very outdated. We have a few grilling cookbooks at home, but we've used them for the last 2 or 3 summers. Time for some new inspiration!

This weekend is going to be a busy one. Hopefully I'll actually take some pictures. Mike's aunt and uncle (Pam & Bill) have a cabin with some land about 20 minutes west of Hannibal. (I'm sure I've talked about them before). Anyway, they are having a big weekend long party/cookout. I guess people bring their tents or campers and just hang out all weekend. And what makes even busier is I have to work as well. UGH! I want a new job!!! So Mike will probably spend almost the whole weekend out at the cabin, while I'll be going back and forth between it and work. Luckily I won't be working really late and I'll be able to enjoy the weekend for the most part.

So Happy Memorial Day to all, and I hope you have a fabulous and safe weekend!


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