wyatt's quilt

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mike and I became Aunt and Uncle for the first time last April. Mike's brother and his wife welcomed Wyatt into the world. We were very excited for them and couldn't wait to meet him. Unfortunately, with them living in North Carolina and us in Missouri, we didn't get to meet him until Christmas.

One of Wyatt's gifts was a quilt from his grandma (my mother-in-law) and me. We decided it would be special if we were able to make it together. So we found a pattern with 2 colors of blocks; she did the red ones, I did the blue ones. Once they were done, she brought her blocks to me and I piece the quilt together and sent it off to get quilted. I think it turned out pretty well, with 2 people doing the piecing. I don't know if I would do it again that way, but Wyatt sure got a special quilt that I hope he will enjoy for many many years.


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