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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Soon after I stopped blogging, we finished our master bedroom's built-ins. Once the doors were added, they completed the look. The whole look changed once the doors were there; they were no longer just bookcases, they are built-ins that will stay with this house forever. When I think about leaving this house (at some point), I know that they will be something I'll miss.

 This is where we left off six months ago.

MY built-in.

Necklace tree.
I love that we have "His and Hers" built-ins. Mine is great for a "getting ready" station. I have my perfume, jewelry box, etc. I recently got this necklace tree for Christmas from my sister. I love it. :) I'm on the hunt for a small tilt mirror, nic-nacs and I'm wanting a new jewelry box. Again, with all decorating, it's going to take time. For the closed off area, it's great for an extra blanket, and I have my travel bags hidden away down there.
HIS built-in.
 Mike's side doesn't really have too much on it yet; just his cell phone charger and a little of his own decorating stuff. I'm not really sure about what he's put on it, but since I have nothing to put on there right now. his stuff will stay. Plus, if I leave his stuff there for a while, that might be a bargaining tool when I do want to change it. :) 

One thing that will stay for him is this "charging station" he made. We found this leather basket and then he made the wooden shelf out of solid Ash. I thing he did a great job! He didn't have any plans to go from, just numerous examples we keep seeing in magazines and online.

 We do have plans for Mike's underneath storage. It's going to be our little linen area for the master bathroom (whenever that gets complete). We pretty much know the layout of the new bathroom, and it doesn't come with much storage, so this is out solution for that. His built-in is deeper than the one on my side and that was done on purpose. It will fit at least 2 rows of towels deep, and leave us room for extra soap, hand towel and all the other random toiletries .


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