the bed that mike built.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The back story::
  • I love pottery barn.
  • I want I could live in their catalog.
  • Mike know this, but thinks their prices are CRAZY.
  • Mike also knows that I've specifically been in love with a certain bed of there's - but he won't budge.

the farmhouse bed. Need I say more???

So, about a year and a half ago, I came across a blog. A woman who makes knock-off furniture plans. Before pinterest. Before everyone knew her name.

Do you know who I'm talking about yet?
Ana White

If you haven't gone to her website - GO. Right now. You can finish reading this later.... :)

Anyway, I found this bed - Ana's version of the PB farmhouse bed. It wasn't exactly the pottery barn bed, but it was going to be a close as I could get. So there. Mike agree, and said when we buy a house, he would make a bed for us.

The present day::
  • We have bought our home.
  • We have remodeled our master bedroom.
  • We still need a bed......
Mike held true to his word, he was going to make our bed. We revisited Ana's website to find she has "blown-up" in the Internet world. She has tons of plans for anything and everything. We then found this "fancy-fide" farmhouse bed and we fell even more in love; we knew that was going to be our bed.

All of Ana's designs call for construction grade pine, but we wanted a bed that would last forever. Mike then found a small business that sells solid wood and ordered some Ash. It took about a month to get the wood in. He ordered quite a bit - enough for our bed, 2 bedside tables, 2 living room side tables and a new entertainment/t.v. stand. 

early stages of the headboard.
day of staining.
Finished product!

with and without pillows.
simple foot board. love it.

After letting the clear coat fully dry, Mike put the bed together on New Year's Eve. It's very symbolic to me; new year, new bed. Back in October we bought ourselves a late anniversary gift, a QUEEN sized mattress. Yes, our first 3 years of marriage we slept on a full sized mattress. It was enough room, but now we have a little extra elbow room in the queen. It's nice.

Mike did an amazing job on this bed, I wouldn't ask for anything different. He is now working on our 2 bedside tables. I'm going to be so excited when those are complete.


Laurasuz said...

It looks AWESOME!!!

-t said...

Oh my gosh! It looks amazing! Nice job, Mike!

Kristi said...

Thanks Ladies!!

Laura, are you still blogging?

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