Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We unfortunately haven't been up to much lately...but we did have a new development come up a couple nights ago.

We've always know we would have to move in the near future. Mike's job is an entry level/training position that should last about 2 years, and then he would be promoted to an official resource forester. Well, the first job popped up this week that is in a "okay" location. We aren't going to be too picky on applying for jobs except for where the cost of living is higher aka St. Louis. We are not getting our hopes up just because it is in a very desirable location in Missouri. See, Missouri has a lot on itty-bitty towns.....and this job is in civilization. It's down south near the Lake of the Ozarks. :) That is where we would like to end up. It's a bit warmer, more to do when people come to visit, and the lakes and forests.

I'm putting this out for the world now so that we can be in your thoughts. Not for this job in particular, but just this upcoming process. When he does get a new job is just going to snow ball into buying a house, me getting a new job, finding new friends, etc. I feel our life will actually start once we move. I know that's silly, but I just feeling like I'm on pause right now since I know this isn't permanent.

I wish we weren't at the beginning of this process and it was just...done. I hate the waiting and I feel this is going to be like a year long wait. {let's hope not...}


Anonymous said...

Well, I know you want to move and that Mike
wants to advance in his job so I'll keep it in my
prayers for it to happen. But you can't blame
me for not wanting you to be even farther away!
Love you both! Mom

LauraSuz said...

I think Anne feels the same way about being on pause living in Chicago, but it sounds like you have a lot of things to look forward too!

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