the start of the season

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I know it's just the beginning of November (wasn't it just March???), but I feel the start of baking season come on. I love to bake-cheesecake, cookies,brownies, pies (am I making you hungry?). But there's also my other favorite kind of baking-casseroles, lasagna, pot roast, pot pies (how about now?). I LOVE food like this. I think that's why I like fall so much; I can do all this baking with the foods I love and still have beautiful weather.

I'm glad Mike works where he does because everyone brings in goodies around this time of year. So I can make something, have a serving and ship it off with him to where I know it won't get wasted. :) I feel like I'm in training to have a kindergartner....


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