the funny thing about purses is......

Sunday, November 8, 2009

that I can NEVER have too many! :)

Mike went out to his uncles farm this morning, so I decide to make another purse. Why not? I think I'm really getting the hang of this because the one yesterday took about 6 hours and the one today, just under 3 hours! I seriously can't believe how easy they are. Why did I wait so long to discover purse making??? B.M. (before marriage) I probably bought about 6 or 7 purses a year (don't worry, nothing super expensive); what can I say, I just love the feeling of carrying around a new purse. Well, I have yet to buy a purse in the 13 months we've been married. It's shocking, I know. I joked with Mike last night that this may be the only way for me to get new purses. He just laughed; men don't understand the want/need of a new purse. It's not something that you need, so I get that point on view, but still!

Well, here's my most recent creation. I actually think I'm going to carry this one first. I have to take a 3-ring binder back and forth to work and the first purse was just a tad too small. But this new one fits perfectly. So the other will just have to be a weekend purse for now.

from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern Line

It's funny, I always hate making the first cut into a new fabric. I know I'm about to make something lovely out of it, but I feel like I'm destroying this beautiful fabric at the same time.

I'm really liking this flower/purse pose.

Well I'm off to the park to go for a walk! It's too gorgeous of a day to be inside all day.


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