Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Since I start work at the end of this week, I figured I should start getting up early again. I used to get up with Mike and then go back to sleep when he left for work. But for the last couple weeks I haven't even been doing that. :( So, I started on Monday; I get up with Mike, make him some toast for breakfast, and I'm staying up. I need to get back on this normal schedule! I'm doing pretty well now, but Monday was rough I have to say.

We had a Schwan's lady come by the house on Saturday and gave us a booklet. They're starting a route here. I got so excited! I haven't had this in forever it seems like. I told Mike about it, and he was excited too. Both of our parents used to order from there, so we are both familiar with it. He found a couple things from his childhood he wants to get. I'm just excited for the ice cream cones this summer. Well, the lady came back by yesterday to ask if we wanted anything. I told her the truth, that we were interested but we want to wait a couple of weeks to a month to start, because I'm just starting my job. I'm sure she thought I was just feeding her some line, but we really want to order! I don't think we are going to go crazy, but a few things would be nice.


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