5th valentine's

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In a couple days, Mike and I will be celebrating our 5th Valentine's Day together. I'm not a big believer in this holiday. I like low key Valentine's Days; dinner at home and just a movie. I just like spending the evening with Mike. I do have to say I'm excited to buy my first "husband" card! I've always glanced at them when looking for a boyfriend card.

On our first Valentine's, I had a physics exam at 7-9 p.m.; which ruined Valentine's for about 2,000 students. 9 p.m. was too late to go out to eat and really even make dinner. So, Mike got take out Chinese from our favorite restaurant and waited outside my apartment door until I arrived back from the exam. It was so nice!

This years Valentine's I have to work, but only until 5 p.m. So Mike and I have decided to just order out and rent a movie. I know this doesn't really sound exciting, but it is to us. We haven't ate out in about a month, and we haven't rented a movie since we've moved (4 months). We haven't decided what we're going to eat yet; it's in between pizza and wings from BW3's. Since I'll be in Quincy for work, I'll just bring home the wings. If we decide to go that route.

It's kind of poetic how your first married Valentine's Day mirrors our first Valentine's. At least to me anyway. :)

I may post again before Saturday, but Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there. ♥


Leslie said...

Happy 5th Valentines day!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your welcome to stop back by anytime!!!!!

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