Monday, February 9, 2009

Mike and I went geocaching yesterday. We both didn't know what this was 3 weeks ago, so if you didn't either, you're not out of the loop. What it basically is, is a scavenger hunt with a GPS. People have set these up all over the U.S. and even the world. At the end of each geocache, there should be a log to put your name in, or a container to put a little toy or talisment(sp?) in. There are at least 40 around the Hannibal area, and that was just on one website; there may be more.

When Mike was looking up on the Internet which ones we wanted to go to, he found a word he wasn't familiar with. He yelled from the computer room, "what the hell is a muggle*?!?" I just laughed and laughed. :) He was finding it being used like, "There's a lot of muggle activity around." I explained it and he thought it was nerdy. I do agree, but it was funny!

*For Sarah or anyone else who hasn't read the Harry Potter series, a muggle is non magic folk. You know, just normal people.

We went out to Huckleberry Park first, and we could not find it! We were probably out there for at least an hour, looking for a clue in a 30 foot area. We went through our numbers over and over; still, nothing. So, we decided to come home for lunch and try a different park. We then went to Riverview Park. The first one was easy there, which renewed our spirits. But we tried 2 more and could not find them. We knew we were in the right spots, but there was nothing. We wonder if they just aren't there anymore. We finally gave up on them. :(

We had a really good time, I hope we can continue this new activity. It's a nice way to go for a walk/hike and have a purpose in it.


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