Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've had a busy week and a half, but it's about to slow down; the store opens today! I'm ready for the opening to be done, and it just go to a regular retail job.

Since going back to work I've missed getting up, drinking my coffee and watching the Today show. I feel like we are getting old enough we should watch the new. I'm also interested in what the President's doing and the whole economy crisis.

The local news is horrible, since we live in a "3rd world state". :) The daily paper is the size of one section of the J&C, so we don't even bother with it. The local TV news is for the "tri-state" area, it consists of Hannibal, MO, Quincy and Macomb, IL, and Keokuk, IA. Yes, that's Iowa. Keokuk in about an hour away from Hannibal, and I got to thinking if Lafayette shared new with Indianapolis. It wouldn't be possible! I guess it's good we don't have bad news around here, but no news.....


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