Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wednesday was our one year anniversary........of living in Missouri. :) I can't believe it's been a year. I knew it was on the 14th , but when it came I nearly forgot. So I guess we are now official Missourians.

This weekend was the Folk Life festival here in Hannibal. It's comparable to "the feast of the hunters moon" back home, but a prairie version and it's downtown on Main Street instead of in a field. We went yesterday and wandered our way looking at all the pottery, jewelry, art and FOOD! The food was really good, Mike and I had cheese steak sandwiches...mmm! We bought a spoon rest to go next to the coffee maker and some pumpkin fudge. So good!

This coming Wednesday is Mike's birthday! He's going to be a old man of 26. :) It seems like just yesterday I saw him on his 21st birthday. We had just met and I was hanging out at his house when he came home from the bars (I was only 19). 2 weeks later we were a couple!

We aren't really doing anything that special, our friends Brad and Lindsey are coming over for dinner, I'm making homemade pizza and pumpkin roll (birthday boy's request!). I'm sure it will be a good night, I just want to make it exciting and special, but I married a simple man. And it's his birthday, so I told him it was his choice.

Small thing I learned this week - Mike puts the bread tie on in the opposite direction as I do. So it always takes me two tries to untie it. :)


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