productive day

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I had yesterday off work. wahoo! I was nice to just do things around the house. Mike had a few things to do out in the garage, so I decided to piece together the top of my Christmas table runner. I got to thinking about how nice it was that we both could do our own projects at the same house. B.M. (before marriage), I would have to go back to my place if I needed to do something and visa versa. I know it's silly to think about after almost a year of living together (it's like a 'duh' moment). But this was the first time we both got something completely different accomplished. It's still neat/new to me that I get to live with this amazing man.

We had some friends over last night for dinner. We had a really nice time, dinner and Skip-Bo. :) Mike and Brad played horseyballs while Lindsey and I chatted in the kitchen. I'm so glad we have found a couple that the guys get along, the girls get along and the four of us have a great time together.

We've made a decision on what we are doing for our anniversary --CAMPING. We are going to Wakonda State Park. It's about 40 minutes north of us (in Missouri). I'm glad we will finally be putting our wedding gifts to use. We received a new tent, new stove, dutch oven, lantern, etc. It seems very fitting to be using them on our 1st anniversary, right? Now I'm putting together lists so we don't forget anything....


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