a calm monday morning

Monday, September 14, 2009

I hate to say it, but I'm sort of glad the weekend is over. GASP! I know, but this weekend was a busy one for me. I just feel like I didn't have any down time. We had the last 'down by the river' on Friday night. Then on Saturday evening we had a wedding of one of Mike's co-workers. It was nice to see some of Mike's co-workers that I haven't seen since last years Christmas party.

T minus 4 days until our anniversary camping trip. :) I'm getting really excited about it. I just want to relax with my husband by the fire, toasting s'mores. What more can a girl ask for??? I'm trying to get the menu made up in the next couple days. I pretty much know what I want to make (chili in the cast iron dutch oven), but I'm thinking about trying a new recipe.

Speaking of the anniversary, here is one of my presents from Mike. He told me he's going to wrap it. I was also told not to touch it, and I haven't. I just wonder what the heck it is?!?!? Any guesses? (not jewelry, obviously) :(


Kris said...

haha, hide the duct tape...Mike is a very creative gift wrapper :)
Have fun camping!!

Kristi said...

Oh, I hope this one is not wrapped in duct tape. I've had many presents wrapped in it, but this one would take forever to unwrap. :)

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