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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We had such a good girls weekend. It was just what the doctor ordered. :)

The girls arrived early afternoon on Friday. I gave them a quick tour of the house and then we went straight downtown. Of course I forgot my camera, but the girls had there's so we got some great photos. It was pretty hot out, but the girls were troopers. I love taking our visitors downtown, it's such a relaxing stroll. You can see what you want to see, go into where you want to go. That night we went to The Brick Oven for dinner. I went there for my birthday dinner when my family came to visit; and I thought it was just as good this time. Mike had never been there, and he said he didn't like the pizza at all - but me and the girls really liked it. Then we went home and watched a movie.

Saturday, I made my blueberry coffeecake scones for breakfast. The turned out great! Then off of us girls headed to Louisiana, MO for a wine tasting at the Eagle Nest Winery. If anyone who reads this is thinking of going to this winery, don't do it. It was definitely memorable, but not in a good way. It was very hill-jack to me. We did our tastings out of dose cups from the local hospital.

We ate at the restaurant on the corner and then the 'winery' is the third building.

Ashley and Marlene in front of the winery.

We then went to a pewter store there. They were having an event where all these local artists there with their work. It was very neat and I really wish I could of afford these candlesticks that were beautiful.

The Pewter store. Its pewter was used in the mini series ' John Adams'.

Since Louisiana and the whole winery experience was kind of a bust, we drove to Clarksville, MO. It is just 10 miles south of Louisiana and they have quite a few little shops there. Clarksville is right on the river like Hannibal. There was even a glass blowing shop, and we got to see a demostration of blowing a shot glass. I even bought one. :) It was just so cute. I'm sure I'll put a picture up of it soon.

Their arch way to the river.

We went to all the little shops, which I'm really starting to enjoy. I never thought I would be the girl to like little small towns. Don't get me wrong, I still love the big cities - but I'm just appreciating the little ones as well.

Marlene in a 30's hat. :)

One of the streets in Clarksvile.

After going to all the little stores, we made our way back to Hannibal. I started to make dinner, it took longer than expected (but doesn't it always). Brooke and Ashley had the great idea to have a little celebration from Marlene here so I could be apart of it. Marlene is graduating from Purdue in August and I really wish I could be there to see her walk. So I made stuffed shells in marinara, Olive Garden Salad, and Tiramisu. Ashley brought some wine and champagne - the celebration went great. It was so nice to just sit around the table chatting away until 1:30 A.M. This was probably my favorite part of their trip.

On Sunday, I just made pancakes and bacon. Then us girls went up to Lover's Leap. It's a look out basically right above our house. There was such a great breeze up there, I didn't want to leave.
Brooke, Marlene and Ashley at Lover's Leap.

This last picture is for my dad. Here's a barge going down the Mississippi - It's actually 3 barges wide, and 6 long. The boat going along next to is is this big triple deck dinner cruise boat. It just kind of shows the size of the barge.

This weekend was like a getaway for me too. No work, great friends and a little bit of traveling. :)


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