fish tale

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mike has a new hobby - Bow fishing. I know what you all are thinking, "what????" It's fishing but you do it with a bow and arrow. It's an actual 'sport'. One of his coworker got him into it, and they've gone out a couple of times together. I'm sure it's pretty hard to do. Aiming for something in the water that's super quick.

Well, Mike finally got a fish yesterday! He was really proud and excited. I wish I went with him so I could get a picture. He had already cut the head off, so I couldn't really get a photo when he got home either. He got a gar fish, which is really quite ugly.

Mike even cleaned it! So we have two fillets to figure something out with. My mom suggested fish tacos and that may be the most filling way to cook just two fillets. Hopefully next time he'll be lucky enough to get more than one.


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