as old as a box of candles

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm glad my family was able to spend it with me, since Mike is in training this week. So for my birthday I decided to show them downtown Hannibal. There are quite a few little shops and we can walk along the Mississippi River. And of course, we had to do some touristy stuff like stop by Mark Twain's boyhood home and check out all the statues there.

We went out to dinner at The Brick Oven. I've wanted to go there since we moved here, and just haven't had the chance. It's an Italian restaurant that cooks in a wood burning brick oven, hence the name. :) Everyone else had pasta, but I wanted to try their brick oven baked pizza. Oh so good! We then came back to the house for cake and ice cream where I learned that this is the last year I can buy ONE box of birthday candles. There are only 24 candles in a box, so next year we will have to buy two. This is just one more thing that made me feel old this month.


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