already behind schedule

Friday, April 17, 2009

So...we were supposed to leave for Lafayette today at 4:30 (central time). I got a call from Mike, and he was an hour and a half away from here about an hour ago. (Does that make sense?)

Today at Mike's work, they did a controlled burn to teach everyone about fire. That's why he's late. We are now shooting to leave at 6:00 pm. The bad thing is, is this lands us back home at 11:30. I know that shouldn't sound late, but sadly it is late for us. We are becoming the couple that goes to bed a 10:00 pm. I never thought we would becoming these people until we had kids.

Now I'm just trying to kill time until he gets here. I've put everything in the car, went and got gas, and now maybe I'll read some of my book!


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