long week ahead

Monday, January 12, 2009

This week is going to be long, I can already feel it. Mike left yesterday afternoon for training. He won't be back until late Friday. I know these next couple of months are going to be hard, but after this, he won't have any training for a very long time. He had a review at work already and he passed with flying colors! He was a little surprised because he hasn't really done anything at his actual job, he is always gone at training. He knew he was doing good, but didn't know he was exceeding their expectations.

We had a pretty relaxing weekend, Mike worked on his truck all day Saturday. We had a treat Saturday night, PIZZA! We haven't really been out to eat since we moved, but one thing we do go out for is pizza. We've made our own from scratch a couple of times and it has always been delicious, but a little expensive. And frozen just doesn't compare.


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