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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Since Mike has been off work for the holiday, we've been making breakfast together. I love when we spend time together in the kitchen, we always have fun!

On Friday, we were making just eggs and sausage when this HUGE spray of sparks came from under the pan (we have an electric stove). We both jump away from the stove, and just stared at each other. One of the coils broke, it looks like someone cut it basically. And now I have a 1/8 inch size "crater" in the bottom of my brand new pan I got for Christmas :( The pans have a lifetime warranty, but I'm not sure if this particular situation is covered. I'm hoping it is, I love my new pan!

Yesterday morning, Mike told me he wanted an omelet. I said fine, and went into the kitchen and I realized I have never made an omelet. I've had hundreds in my lifetime, but they were always at a restaurant. So I just winged it, and they turned out really good! They looked and tasted like the ones I get in the restaurants, which is good, because Mike and I don't go out to eat anymore. So now we can have omelets anytime. When Mike was about half way done with his, I asked how it was. Then I told him it was my first omelet. I don't think he believed me.

Then this morning, we just made pancakes. But I got to use my new pancake warmer (thanks Mary!). I've been so excited for this. Mike thinks it's just a one hit wonder, so I need to use it for more things so he thinks it's worth it.


Anonymous said...

a pancake warmer is a very functional culinary tool. use it for tortillas too!..and french toast! the possibilities are endless.

Kristi said...

that's what I'm saying...:)

LauraSuz said...

I like the pancake warmer! Right now I just put the oven on low and keep 'em in there. This sounds much better.

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