Monday, January 24, 2011

I have never made a new year's resolution before. I know, it's about time! I think I never made one because I know myself too well, and I wouldn't follow through. But for some reason I did actually think of quite a few, and I figured I would put them out here. Then, sometime in December come back to this list and see what was actually done and what I've kept up with. It may be fun, but I guess we will just have to wait and see!

new kitchen.
We have finished the planning part of the kitchen design. There are a few things we do need to figure out though, like flooring, wall color, and what kind of windows. I have my finger's crossed that the original hardwood floors flow into the kitchen and are in awesome shape under the layer's of linoleum. (hey, a girl can dream!) But if they aren't, we will be going with a porcelain tile of some sort. Since the plans are complete, all we really need to do is wait for warmer weather, so my hope is to have it complete by September.

Mike and I are actually pretty good on this, but I just want to continue what we started. I want to continue to pay extra on the house and the car (our only debt). But the improvement I want to see is with our saving ability. I already put 10% of my paycheck in the savings, plus what ever is left over from the month; but I would like for it to be 25% by the end of the year.

get healthier.
We need to improve on everything in this category- being more active, eating better, going to doctors in a timely manor, etc. We both want to lose weight - simple as that. All we both have done since being together is gain, and that's not good. We joined a gym last week, and have already gone (which is big). I've never worked out in my life, don't know how, so we are going to set up appointments with trainers to find what is best for us both. This is going to be the hardest resolution by far. This resolutions means a total life change for us. 
 new master suite.
Our house is a 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath home. But we are going to be making it a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home!  So this plan involves taking down a wall between two bedrooms, adding a master bathroom, and where there were 2 small closets, making one walk-in. I need this to be done this year.All the bedrooms are the exact same size. Mike and I are pretty cramped. This wasn't at the top of our project list until we actually moved in. It's just unbearable right now. And actually, it may be our first project of 2011. The new bathroom doesn't need to be complete right away, just walled off, so our new bedroom looks done.

Wish us luck in 2011!


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