living room built ins

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our built ins in the living room needed to be repainted. The previous owners painted over oil based paint with latex paint, so the latex didn't adhere to the bookshelves properly and was just peeling off. And when it peeled, you were able to see this lovely turquoise color that apparently was a favorite color of someone....because they used it a lot.

We gave ourselves a deadline of Christmas to get them painted. They needed to sit empty and dry for a long week, so we knew they were cured. 

Mike was the scraper. He did a great job!

loving the fact that I'm covering that horrible color for good!

finally looking a bit like home.
 They aren't done yet, we have a bit more to do with them. We need to repaint the bottom part. This will be easy, because there isn't the paint problem down there, so it'll be a light sand and paint. We also still need to add some trim. We are waiting to do this because we want to replace the green tile with a solid surface (not sure what it'll be yet). We are moving this picture to the guest room, so we need to find a bigger picture to replace it. And of course, there is still some more decorating. Now that I see what I have and the spaces that are left, I think it might be easier.

There is also room to grow with these shelves - I'm always going to buy books, and I will always be shopping for nic nacs. I'm glad there aren't full to the brim already. :)


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