sushi class

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mike and were lucky enough to attend a sushi rolling class at the resort in Mexico. And when I say lucky, I mean lucky....we didn't sign up for the class when we should of and they ran out of space. I ran into the lady who was conducting the class and she said it was full, so I read by the pool and Mike headed to the bar. :) Then about 10 minutes later the woman came back and said there was a cancellation and we were in. YES!! Mike and I were pretty excited about the class; we both love sushi but found it intimidating to make. We were wrong; it's so easy! Now granted they had everything laid out for us, but at least we were able to try out our rolling skills. I know there is a lot of prep work, especially the "sticky" sushi rice, but the class changed our thoughts on homemade sushi. Mike wants to get a rolling mat, and is actually considering a rice cooker. Rice cookers are pretty inexpensive, but are "one-hit wonders" in the kitchen and Mike normally hates those.

This class was definitely a highlight of our vacation. :)


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