mrs. hanson

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My sister in now a married woman, and was the most beautiful bride! I couldn't be more happier for her and her husband. The wedding went off without any problems (for the most part). It down poured the day before the wedding, so she was a bit worried; but it was a beautiful ceremony on the beach right before sunset.

I wish you guys the happiest life together. :)

We had a great time in Mexico with family. Their destination wedding was a great way to get the family involved. I just wish I was there longer; with the wedding it felt so short.

Mike even enjoyed himself (I'm thinking it had something to do with all alcoholic drinks were included), he said he would even consider doing it again. This excites me to no end, because my husband hates to travel. He also hates to spend money on trips because he would rather a material item for the same amount of money. This is something we disagree on and I'm sure I'll change his mind at some point. ;)


Anne said...

Oh yay! Thanks for sharing the pics. She truly looks gorgeous!! So happy for her.

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