inspection...part 1

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So we had our home inspection yesterday! I was so excited for it to happen, since it was the deciding factor on if we were buying the house or not. It started at 9am and it was just Mike and the inspector....and it took 5 hours!! I can't believe it took that long. Now don't get me wrong, I wanted them to go through everything, but I didn't think it would take all day. Right??

Everything went really well. There are just a couple things that are pretty standard things.
  • There could be more insulation in the attic but it's up to code. We want  to insulate the garage, so we will just do it all at the same time - no problem.
  • Some of the pipes are original to the 1935 house. They aren't in bad condition, just old. The inspector recommended to replace them before we resell - no problem.
Now here is the problem (and it's not really a problem just a set back). The gas isn't turned on in the house so they couldn't check the furnace. I'm a little ticked! We have had this inspection set for 2 weeks, they knew this was coming. And who doesn't have everything that's staying with the house running during the darn house inspection???? So now we have to get the gas turned on (don't worry we aren't paying for it) and the inspector is going to come back (free of charge). It's just frustrating... so note to anyone house hunting, when you schedule your inspection make sure everything is on so you only have to do it once. There's a fireplace with an insert (this makes it basically like a wood burning stove), and this is what the renter has been using this winter, so that's why the gas wasn't on, but still...

So we have 2 weeks until our closing date (March 1st) to get the furnace checked, and one of those weeks we are going to be in Mexico. So we have a small window to get this done, but I think it can do it.


roxanne said...

Wow...5 hours! That is a long time-I'm with you on having them check everything, but 5 hours and not finishing it all is a while!

My husband just scheduled our inspection today & its for tomorrow. We are trying to get the small things out of the way quick so if there is a problem we can get it taken care of before we close in April (which is plenty of time).

We already want to insulate our garage too-I'm just scared on the price that will cost us!

Good luck with rest of the inspection-post pictures as soon as you can!


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