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Saturday, February 13, 2010

After the inspection , Mike went back to the realtors and asked for $1, 000 off the house price to do some little things found in the inspection. We were kind of shorting ourselves with the amount but didn't want to sound too "greedy". There were a few things wrong that weren't in the last post because my lovely husband didn't tell me about them. :) Aren't men great?! I know he didn't want to explain electrical stuff, and all the knit picking stuff that were found in the inspection, but I want to know what's going on with the house. So when I was told about the $1,000 off, I was really confused, because I thought the pipes and the insulation were it. So Mike explained everything to me.
  • One of the bedroom windows has a crack.
  • The dryer circuit is over fused.
  • Full bathrooms sink drain doesn't work very well.
  • The downstairs half bath is gutted.  We knew this buying the home, and it will most likely been our first project.
  • Half the kitchen counter is off. Again something we knew going into it and we would of replaced.
  • One of the fireplaces' corners needs to be re-tucked....I have no idea what this means.....
  • The dining room and living rooms' outlets have cross polarity.
So we put in the $1,000 offer, the seller came back and declined it. But he's going to fix everything on our list instead!! We couldn't be happier! It's better for us so we can move in and take our time with the remodeling we want to do, instead of rushing. I'm really happy about the half bath and the kitchen counter the most. Even though we will be redoing the bathroom still and it will most likely still be the first big project, but at least it's functional for the time being.

Also, the seller was really upset when he found out the gas wasn't on to check the furnace. It turns out the renter in the seller's nephew, so I'm sure he had a few choice words for him. ;)  I kind of felt like I was overreacting, because Mike was so calm about it.  So I'm really happy the seller was upset, so I wasn't the only one.


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