when the cats away...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

....the mouse will do nothing! :)

Mike went to a bachelor party this weekend out of town, so it gave me a chance to catch up on ME time. I honestly didn't really do a thing yesterday. Well, I watched girlie movies all day and took a two and a half hour puppy nap with Abe. It was just what the doctor ordered. Now I know I probably should of been working on the house, but you got to have some down time every once and a while, right?

Since Mike's coming home sometime today, I need to get crackin' on my wifely duties of normal weekends....back to reailty! The plan for today is making a grocery list and go to the grocery, laundry, cleaning the house a bit, and giving Abe his bath.

I've also been hitting the quilt pattern search a little harder recently. I said a the beginning of the year I wanted to piece my first quilt this year, and look, the year is half over and I'm still where I was 6 months ago. :( I guess that's what happens when you buy a fixer-upper for a home. Anyway, I've narrowed my pattern down to 3. I may buy all three of them, and then choose later. I like them all so much that I can see myself making all of them at some point.  One of them is actually a Christmas quilt and if I started now, I think I could have it done just in time for the holidays. That gives me a deadline. I work better with deadlines....

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


LauraSuz said...

I want a two and half hour nap! That sounds perfect.

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