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Monday, January 11, 2010

Well the house we went to go see was a BUST!! We understood it was a foreclosure and would need to do a few things to it, but it being only 4 years old, we thought it would really just things to make it our own. WRONG....before I even get to the layout, it just had major problems. Starting with when we walked into the garage we smelled mold. The house has not been sealed properly for the winter because there was mold on all the walls, and an inch of ice on all the windows. Then Mike found some problems with the electrical, like 4 electrical outlet in a 5 foot span...Just bad news all around. Mike and I were actually both glad it didn't work out. It was kind of at the top of our price range but didn't want to pass up a chance to buy 15.5 acres with a house that cheap.

But the banker that took us to see the house was really nice and told us what rates we could get with his bank, so we did decide to go with them. It will be nice to deal with a bank in town, something we haven't had here because we still banking from Lafayette. :/ Anyway, we then asked him if he had a recommendation on a realtor in town. He said yes, made the call and the banker took us to the office so we wouldn't get lost in town. How nice!

The realtor is super nice as well, he reminds me of my dad in the way he's explaining everything. I learned a lot sitting there with him. It was too late on a Friday to set up any walk throughs for the weekend, but we took a look at his data base and found a few we liked. Saturday, Mike and I drove our town, found our barrings and found the houses we like. The town is pretty easy to drive around and we picked up on it really quick.

But we did find a house we really want to see. We probably like it too much right now. It's an older home built in 1935 with beautiful built-ins. :) The bathrooms are original but in great condition (as far as we could tell in the pictures). It definitely needs remodeling, but we LOVE that character of an old house. We like that fact that we can remodel it, but keep the integrity of the home.

Mike has a meeting in Rolla this week, so we are trying to get him a chance to see it to "pre-screen" it. Then, when I'm able to go down soon, we both are going to see it, if it passed Mike's inspection. :) I hope it does!

We got so much accomplished this weekend! So much we didn't plan for that happened. We came home feeling a lot less stress about this and not so much in the dark.


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