are we ready????

Sunday, January 17, 2010

So after going through houses yesterday, we decided our #1 is still our #1. It has the most character and the most work. The other homes just didn't compare to this ones potential. It truly surprises both of us. Mike hates formal/separate dining rooms (I happen to love them), and this one is separate and Mike said he thinks the dining room is his favorite. Then the whole 2-story thing I've already discussed. It's downtown and we normally don't like downtown, and the location is another one of our favorites; it's right across from 2 huge parks with lots of things to do and lots of kid apparatus'. So we don't have to buy all that stuff ourselves when kiddos come into the picture. A major plus (that stuff is expensive!)

It will be fun to make it our own and pick out floor tile, kitchen cabinets,sinks, paint, MORE furniture, art work...etc.

We haven't put in an offer; we are "sleeping on it". We are going to wait until the middle of this week. We don't really feel pressured to do it, we really doubt some else is looking at it right now. Not that we want to wait too long, but this is a HUGE decision and we just want to make sure it's the right one for us.

One concern I do have is just the layout of the kitchen. It obviously will have to be remodeled soon (like in the next year or so). The size is a bit small, and shape is horizontal p (if that makes sense). But it does have a pantry!!! So excited for that. I think we will take advantage of a "designer" at Lowe's or some place like that. I think that service is complimentary when you purchase there, so we'll see.

So now comes the hard! Picking the house is easy. :)


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