oh christmas tree..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Here is our Christmas tree. Now like I said earlier, it's a pretty sparse tree; I can't wait to get a new one. But it will do for now. I think we had a pretty good time putting it up. Since Mike doesn't really like decorating, I was really surprised he helped. He didn't last year....I'm totally turning him! I need to make a tree skirt, so hopefully I can find some Christmas fabric on sale closer to Christmas. We really don't 'need' it this year, but if I could get the fabric on sale, I would have a whole year to make it. :)

You can't have Christmas without a leg lamp in your window!

Just a tad more decorating...

We really don't have much Christmas decorations. I guess that just mean I get to buy a whole bunch of it when we buy a house! :) I know I've been complaining about not having things or wish mine were nicer/bigger, but I am very appreciative of what I have (just didn't want to leave a wrong impression with this post).

I'm hoping to get some Christmas baking in before the big day, but in reality I probably won't be able to until after the holidays...let's just call it my winter baking. I've been so busy sewing and I'm not ever half done. I really should be sewing instead of blogging right now....

...I think that's what I'm going to do. :)


Kris said...

I have been trying to make a tree skirt for years. I only think of it after we put the tree up, and there just never seems to be time in December! I had even picked out fabric and figured out a pattern at one point.
oh well. someday.

Kristi said...

December is definitely too short! Hopefully if I can find the fabric, I'll make it next Oct/Nov...it probably won't happen, but at least my intentions are good, right? :)

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