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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well, I have an announcement....We're MOVING! :)

We found out yesterday that Mike got the job he interviewed for on the 16th. So it looks like the Fleischhauers are headed to Rolla, MO (it's pronounced Raul-a). It's about 1 1/2 southwest of St. Louis, MO. We are really excited for this job. It's somewhere we can see ourselves staying. It really hasn't sunk in yet, I think once we go down and start looking at houses it will start feeling real.

Now here's the kicker...they would like it if Mike could start by February 1st! That just stresses me out to no end. We were planning on buying a house when we move, which I'm so excited for, but I'm feeling the stress of the deadline. We don't know where to begin...we know we need to start with getting approved for the loan, but what lender? And there starts the waterfall of questions in my head.

I told Mike worse case scenario is him moving down while I stay in Hannibal until we find a house. I don't think that it would take too long but it does calm me down thinking about it this way.

So there you have it, you'll have a good idea what we'll be doing in the month of January. :)


Cass in NYC said...

Rolla is where we used to always drive to, to meet up with my Aunt who lived in Beggs, OK. It is the middle point between West Point and Beggs.
Ah Rolla!
Have fun!

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