merry christmas eve eve!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When I was little I always would say this on December 23rd, and my family continues to say it.

I can pretty much sum up my last few weeks in 4 words: eat, sleep, work, SEW! I have been sewing everyday! I think I have figured out I don't really like deadlines...or at least working right up to the end of one. I'm still not done! I have about a half of a project left. I can't wait to be done. I probably won't sew for a few weeks after this.

Another thing I can't wait for is to actually show all of you what I've been making. I hate just talking about what I've made in the most general way and then no picture!

Mike and I will be opening our gifts on Christmas Eve morning. My present still hasn't shown up (hmm...seem a little too familiar). Hopefully I will be opening gifts with him. Then we are traveling back home tomorrow afternoon; both of us have tomorrow off! We will most likely head back to Missouri on Sunday, but maybe Monday. I haven't got my schedule for that week yet, so we will know soon enough how long our visit will be.

Mike had an interview on the 16th. We haven't heard anything yet, I was hoping for something by Christmas. It was for the area we wanted so, please keep thinking of us. I told Mike I won't really be sad if you don't get it, but i hate this waiting thing...just tell me already! :)


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