Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We are still working on trim.....

This past weekend we did make a lot of head way though. We placed the built-ins, installed the closet door frame, and put up about half of the base boards. No shoe molding yet.

progress. and you can REALLY tell I haven't painted that window trim.....yikes!
Now you finally have a picture of the built-ins. :) There are still some major changes in this built-in's future - the bottom two shelves are going to be in closed with cabinet doors (which aren't built yet.)

The arch over the top is all thanks to my dad. :) He was the one that pointed out to us that all our other built-ins (3) in the house have arches over them. Of course we knew this, but we would of never thought to add it to these two in the bedroom. I think it makes them look original and keeps with the character of the house. So a BIG thanks DAD!


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